O, Light!

by Branches

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In their debut EP, 'O, Light!', the lady and gentlemen of Branches offer a five-song sample of their sound. Through both singalong celebration and solitary longing, the sounds of 'O, Light!' provide the full spectrum of what this band is capable of.

Design Credits: Mitchell Dong & Peter Heirendt


released September 2, 2010



all rights reserved


Branches California

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Track Name: Maps of Wars
All that’s made it to this place
Is your window-tinted sunshine face
And the rubber tubes and rusty plates
On your brother’s stolen bike

Come through the window and find my hand
Reaching through the sinking sand
Of children’s books and far off lands
Where muffled voices fade

And the bombs explode, and the bombs explode,
And the bombs
And the bombs explode, and the bombs explode,
And the bombs  
Your shrapnel words through brick and bone
Hurt like any stick or stone
And now there’s bodies in your home
Bodies walking in your home
And broken hearts still beat, and broken hearts still beat
And broken hearts still beat, and broken hearts still beat
You blew out the birthday flame
Whistling a sweet disdain
Carving out the sugar cane
While we watched from my room

I remember you that way
With everything in the world to say
To an empty room on your favorite day
Drawing maps with your words

Drawing maps with your words, drawing maps with your words
Drawing maps with your words, drawing maps with your words
Track Name: Jeroboam
Jeroboam dreamed a golden dream
Of golden lands and golden things
And ivory-colored feathered wings

Voices in the honey breeze
Pushing on the honeybees
And shaping beds from fallen leaves

The Writer showed him all of these
And filled his nose with pretty things
And let him taste of Eden’s trees

But in the Light came a warring sound
Of greedy blood on Hallowed Ground
Jeroboam and his heavy eyes made a civil war inside
His tongue stuck stiff behind his teeth
His voice got tangled in his grief
And Jeroboam made a thief, Jeroboam made a thief

So the Writer penned him a different tale
Where proud get caught in homemade sails
And crave the jewels on the wedding veil

Jeroboam cried for more
Clutching at the temple torn
The Writer filled his hands with sores

So arm yourselves with empty hands
When looking at the Promised Land
And find yourself a wealthy man.
Track Name: Inventor's Daughter
I fell for the inventor’s daughter
When I chased my silver dollar
Down the hill and onto her father’s basement porch

I fell for her blurry eyes
When my tongue was numb and my shoes untied
With her hand held closed in the yellow light
On her father’s basement porch

Down came her brother full of angry words
And a fistful of problems yet to be heard
And he delivered to me all that he had learned
About defending when you’re scared

Away she went tucked into his coat
With her head turned back and her cheeks made rose
As I lay there with my eyes half-closed
On her father’s basement porch

I fell for the inventor’s daughter
With a cold washrag and a bloody collar
And a puffy smile and a head raised taller
Than before I took his swing

I fell for her curious eyes
And her friendly hands left open wide
For me to see what’s been inside
Since my coin first ran away

And she is like a stick layed down
And a white flag torn from a wedding gown
In a dress-up box from a childhood town in her father’s memory

And he is like a bulb made bright
That flickers when you just want it to stay light
Every time that he thinks the night is looking his way

I fell for the beggar’s son
In the puddled porch with his shoes undone
And the silver coin that had made him come
Into the yellow light

So come on, come on, come on into the yellow light...
Track Name: Dust and Light
The TV has run out of advice
And the people you love got nothing to say
But when you ask with a shovel you’ll find your faith
At the bottom of a hole

Have you seen anything that you would doubt me?
When you were not, the stones were singing..

You’re tapping your pen on the desk
Your thoughts have found words
But your lungs don’t have breath
So you’re wasting all your ink circling lines
Your mind is a passenger train

We are more than what night gives us credit for
We were dust, now we’re light!

Father time is a selfish man
He runs on schedule and keeps all of our plans
But what happens when I can’t fit on a clock
I’ll buy my freedom while I can

Burn your list; find your sight, adjust to the night
Give up hope that you’ll be right

Let in the light, illuminate the night
Lighting up the dust floating from my eyes
Perfect Love casts out all fear, so I choose the darkness here

There’s hope for you yet.
Track Name: Humming (living room version)
Fingers extend
And find the lonely pen
Who has no thoughts of his own

Filling pages with
The sounds of your lips
As they run off the desk and fill up the room

You let out a cry
With your hand held high
In the window-blue, laughter-filled, teardrop sky

The clouds start to speak
I remember them each
Every raindrop that fell from its place
And slipped down your cheek

Lips buzz along
Humming towards home
Your breath is a love song

Marching beside
The ins and outs of your sigh
Pushing and pulling in perfect time

Breathing clouds from our lips
And we’re starting to kiss
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The rain falls around
Our doubts learn to drown
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The rain joins along
In apocalyptic song
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The clouds learn to sing
The sky stomps its feet
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!